So occasionally I come into some money and I use that money to buy an unnecessary amount of electronic-based music. I am not ashamed of it either. I love dance music. And in the last week a LOT of good shit has come out.

Here are A Few Good Songs I Just Got

Bali Bandits – “Bad Bat” [XtraLife]

Self-described “action movie house” DJs the Bali Bandits have had a good year. They’ve put out three original tracks – “Welcome”, “A A AO”, and this noisy number. Packed with the energy I’ve come to know and love them for, “Bad Bat” keeps things pretty simple but it hits REALLY hard. You can’t help but see this soundtracking an epic brawl in an action movie.

Blue Stahli – “Secret Agent Business” [FiXT Music]

This guy is one of my favorite film/trailer composers because he rocks SO hard. One day he’ll put out a head-bobbing party anthem, the next he’ll put out a quietly ominous musical premonition of evil. “Secret Agent Business” sees him hitting the funky surf-rock vibes of ‘60s spy movie music and mixing them up with ‘90s-style beats for an energetic anthem that I definitely need playing when the bad guys spot me and I’ve got to fight my way out of the villain’s lair before it explodes.

Dyro – “Pure Noise” [WOLV]

Dyro and his new label WOLV Records have been releasing some of the most violent, dangerous, and awesome dance music of the last year, and this track is no exception. Things kick off with a quiet but incredibly tense buildup that – after a cry of “Bullshit!” – suddenly breaks into, well, pure noise. There’s no other way to describe it. Do not sit down during this song or you’ll miss the entire point.

Grum – “U” [Anjunabeats]

After all that energy one deserves to cool off, don’t’cha think? Grum has made some of my favorite chill-out slightly sexy dance music of the past year, and seeing his new EP Trine get released on one of my favorite feel-good labels is pretty nice. The other two songs on the record are good chill-out songs, but “U” is my favorite – you can get up and dance or just sit and relax. It’s one of those great songs that serves both purposes.

James Egbert – “Underdog” [Armada Trice]

I’ve been a James Egbert fan for a long time, so it’s pretty awesome to see him getting picked up by a huge label like Armada. His first release on the label, “Jettison”, was absolutely massive, and this next one doesn’t disappoint. “Underdog” wastes no time in getting to its frantic whirlwind of distorted noise. It’s big, it’s tight, and it’s energetic. If you only go for the loudest of tunes, this is one to get ahold of.