SIX OF THE BEST… job interview questions

Recently at work I've been interviewing a lot of people -- some for my team, and some for a colleague's team. I have a list of questions prepared; some are super-boring ("tell me about a [...]

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One Tool To Rule Them All

I’m back, bitches. That’s right, Bella Blitz has coaxed me out of my bunker long enough to drop some more knowledge on you, the desperate masses, and fill your maggot holes with tools, tips and [...]

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Darwin Law’s Christmas List

Darwin Law here and bah to the motherfucking humbug.  Christmas during the end of days is like playing pinochle while you’re being fed into a wood chipper…but I’ll play your little game.  Ho Ho Ho [...]

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Guide to Building Your Own Bug-Out Kit (Part 5)

What is a “But Out” Bag? Bug Out Bag: A prepared bag that one grabs filled with items of the utmost necessity for an emergency evacuation during an apocalyptic situation.  The shit that you will, [...]

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We got mail from the future, and it's inevitable doom!

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