SIX OF THE BEST… ways to improve customer service in medicine

As you may or may not know, both my wife and I have had surgery in the past couple of months. Both were outpatient procedures, and we're both fine. And for the most part our [...]

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SIX OF THE BEST… medical conditions you didn’t know you might have

I agonized over a title for this column for quite some time before settling on the one I did. Basically, here's my rationale: I have a very rare medical condition, PVN, which isn't even on [...]

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Don’t Bury This Movie, It’s Not Dead: The Serpent & The Rainbow

The things we do for the advancement for medical sciences are pretty extensive. From lab rats, to human trials, to personal zombification… Okay, well, maybe not so much that last one. But, once upon a [...]

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