SIX OF THE BEST… little annoyances on TV shows (that I can’t ignore)

Let's face it: there are a lot of things in life that are just plain shitty. I'm sure if you mentally go through your day you'll think of several. As a writer, I prefer to [...]

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SIX OF THE BEST… questions nerds should ask when buying a home

My family has to move in a couple of months -- our lease is up, and the rent is going skyward because the complex is renovating empty units. That leaves us paying the renovation rate, [...]

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SIX OF THE WORST… things about applying for jobs

It's finally happened. You're fed up with your job, and you want a change. Or maybe you were downsized and need to find work. Job hunting sucks. It's hard. It's basically a full-time job -- [...]

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SIX OF THE BEST… things about polyamory

Polyamory -- literally "loving many" -- isn't for everyone. In western culture, at least, we are socialized to find that one person and love him or her* to the exclusion of all others for the [...]

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As kids, we learn lessons every day. Some of them are simple: don't touch the hot stove or you'll get burned; don't hit your mom when she doesn't give you what you want or you'll [...]

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G4 No More

Being a geek or a nerd has never been easy. So much of what is associated with that moniker made growing up pretty unpleasant for a lot of people. You had bullies, jocks and any [...]

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