SIX OF THE WORST… Two Dots obstacles

Hi there! This post has been getting a lot of hits since I wrote it, so I took it and turned it into a Very Unofficial Guide to Two Dots, which you can read on [...]

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Zombie Proofing 101: Cleanliness is Close to Zombielessness

If you’re anything like me, and you probably are, you’re aware of the possibility of 1. shark attacks and 2. a zombie apocalypse. I’m going to venture a guess here and say that preparing for [...]

SIX OF THE WORST… things about an office with a window

Earlier this year, my boss said that she needed me to move from the office we shared to a quasi-office -- a desk down the hall next to the window, in an area I would [...]

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Fudd’s Fricassee

Elmer Fudd was not a smart man. Let’s be frank, he doesn’t even represent mediocre intelligence. He did however, know a few things: rabbits are delicious. Now that an armageddon is upon you (not me, [...]

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They Set Fire to the World…

We got mail from the future, and it’s inevitable doom!

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