SIX OF THE WORST… things about applying for jobs

It's finally happened. You're fed up with your job, and you want a change. Or maybe you were downsized and need to find work. Job hunting sucks. It's hard. It's basically a full-time job -- [...]

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Rebel Without A d20

Jim was a mixed-up kid from a mixed-up home, where his dad wore an apron and his mom wore the pants. Except she wore skirts; but you know what I mean. The first time I [...]

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Magic, Mana and Mayhem

Hi, my name is Bella and it’s been six years since I played Magic: The Gathering. Oh yes, I played Magic: The Gathering. Poorly. But I played. I built my decks and I rebuilt my [...]

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Nerds don’t let nerds split hairs

Let me start by saying, I use the word geek and nerd interchangeably all of the time, so don't get confused and think that I'm splitting hairs here. Also, I am not a new nerd, [...]

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