SIX OF THE BEST… Brooklyn Nine-Nine cold opens

I miss Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It's been off the air since the fall finale, and it's supposed to come back at some point in the spring (judging from previous seasons), but that's too long. In these [...]

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SIX OF THE WORST… episodes of The Orville

For the most part, even when The Orville is bad, it's still pretty good. I actually enjoyed a lot about these episodes, which qualify as (in my opinion) six of the worst episodes of the [...]

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SIX OF THE WORST… Star Trek: the Next Generation episodes so bad that I couldn’t let my daughter watch them

Star Trek: The Next Generation was, in general, a really good show. However, there were a few episodes that I just cannot condone showing to my daughter. Here's six of the worst of them. [...]

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SIX OF THE BEST… TNG episodes, part 2

I can tell I was starting to lose my momentum in this 30th-anniversary celebration because, in my notes, I wrote "write something here". Honestly, writing four columns in a row is tough (I wrote them [...]

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