Can we sell our soul to Cthulhu for talent?

You could but it’d be like a monkey paw kinda deal.  Oh look, you got an amazing voice but only because you have to eat three fetuses a day.  Or wow, you’ve got an ass to die for, too bad you have to give toe-jobs to homeless criminals to keep it.  Is it worth it, you betcha!  It doesn’t really matter, the end is nigh and all that shit.  No talent will keep you from the glorious suffering!!! – Cultist 69

We’re not entirely sure that Cthulhu provides a “prize” for the sale of your soul. We’ll have to check with HR. – Cultist 42

Shut the fuck up 42. You don’t have to sell your soul for shit, it already belongs to Cthulhu. If you’ve got talent, use it up now, because 69 is right – the end is nigh and all that shit! – Cultist 24