I’m trying to decide who I’m voting for in the upcoming election.  Romney or Obama.  What do you think?

Write in Cthulhu. Do not choose between the lesser of two evils. Choose the purity of evil. – Cultist 12

Voting is a very important part of the Democratic process and I’m sure that Cthulhu would appreciate that if HE wasn’t filled with so much hate for things like bi-partisan politics, governments and free will.  Now, myself, I’ll be filling in a write-in for none other than Allison Janney.  I’m not gonna point fingers (coughCULTIST251cough) but I’ve had to watch the full run of The West Wing so many times that I can’t help but think, no, I KNOW she’d make for the best final president for this country.  And sexy.  MmmmHmmm.  We don’t have a lot of women in the cult at this point.  – Cultist 667

Mormons believe they have a super-special destiny, something to do with Jesus wrapping His gentle loins in the Constitution while the Latter Day Saints gather ‘round and sing sea shanties around the Lincoln Memorial or some bullshit.  Either way, it’s a white-bread apocalypse that is almost as terrifying as what we’ve got in mind, so I say roll the dice and vote Romney.  — Cultist 805