I find that I have gone completely insane but I haven’t joined the Cthulhu yet.  Is there a place for me amongst those who have gone insane with the help of the dark lord or am I on the outside looking in again?

I really don’t know, Jim. I just came for the free coffee and donuts. Wait…is this the Gaming Addicts Anonymous meeting? -Prospective Cultist 3C

You have gone completely insane. FOOL. You have already joined the Cult of Cthulhu. – Cultist 27

See, this is the problem with most of your cults, fringe groups and wacky religions.  Most of them have some sort of requirements for entry, be it giving them all of your money or committing some crime or cutting off your own scrotum.  Let me tell you, you only get to make that mistake once.  TRUST ME ON THAT ONE.  With Cthulhu, however, there’s no entry fee, no requirements and no missing out on your own scrotum.  The door is open and you’re always welcome, crazy or not.  That being said, Jim, could I borrow your scrotum?  Okay, not the whole thing…just half.  Please?  – Cultist 667

Absolutely you should join. There’s no other choice, really. Besides, we have great benefits…eventually. – Cultist 22