Summer is a time for changes to happen, and one of mine has been hitting the fucking gym more, because I would like to have some muscles and cut down on these thunder thighs a little. But I need a little more motivation than just telling myself that I might look a little more similar to Zac Efron if I keep fighting through the pain of actually exerting myself, which is why I always bring my music to the gym with me.

If you need some more tunes to pump you up, here’s some of my favorite songs to sweat to.


Cash Cash – “Overtime”

Work it, do it overtime.

Work it, do it overtime.

There is not one song by Cash Cash that I wouldn’t work out to. “Overtime” is built around a thunderous beat with an encouraging chant of “get down, get up again, c’mon, ‘cmon, move!” – something that totally fits the gym vibe.


Good Charlotte – “The Anthem”

You can’t really go wrong with pop punk on your workout playlist. The aptly-titled “The Anthem” is just that, with a huge guitar riff and a catchy chorus. You may get some weird looks from the others at the gym when they catch you singing along, but pay them no mind – it should be a judgment-free zone, after all.

Party Favor – “Bust ‘Em”

Party Favor’s catalog is packed with booty-shakin’ hits that double as perfect iron-pumping soundtracks like “Bap U”, “Booty Loose” and “Wiggle Wop”. “Bust ‘Em” is a pure-and-simple jock jam that wouldn’t be out of place at a sporting event. Try to keep the headbanging to a minimum when you’re working that leg press.


Fake Shark – “Can’t See You”

Hair tho.

Hair tho.

This one’s perfect to run to, with its rolling beat and slightly horror-centric atmosphere (it was the theme song for the slasher film See No Evil 2, after all). The tempo is right on for you to pace yourself, and the constant pounding of the drums will keep you going till the song ends.

The Used – “The Ripper”

And when you’re done pacing yourself, this pop-punk/alt-metal heavy hitter is a shot of adrenaline straight to your ears that’ll get you sprinting faster than you’ve ever sprinted before. Just try not to burn out your vocal cords on that bridge if you decide to sing along.

This is nowhere NEAR all the good shit you can pump through your ears when you’re hitting the gym. Pop punk and hardcore trap and twerk music tend to be my favorites, but use whatever works for you. Just don’t listen to NPR. I used to. I got nothing done.