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Here at Nerd Academy we believe that you can’t breed good geeks if you aren’t a good geek. You’ll be given sound, video and or photo clips of iconic geek culture to take in, learn, and let become a part of your very geek nature.

Your fourth course: IJRLA001 (Run, Indy, Run)

Trust us when we say it’s a NEED TO KNOW piece of pop culture. Your geeklings and your geeklings geeklings may very well be raised without this first hand knowledge. They may even be raised in a time where the only Indiana Jones movie they know forwards and backwards is Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and we can’t have that can we? Because, let’s be honest with ourselves, that was hardly an Indiana Jones movie. (Although I, Miss Bella Blitz, might be using my opinion as a blanket here). Anyway, it’s good to know when stealing a golden icon exactly what to expect in your escape. Without further ado, what do you plan for in your getaway runaway:

Were you paying attention? Ok, let’s go…


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What is the order of traps set to kill Dr. Jones?