Welcome to Nerd Academy!

Here at Nerd Academy we believe that you can’t breed good geeks if you aren’t a good geek. You’ll be given sound, video and photo clips of iconic geek culture to take in, learn, and let become a part of your very geek nature.

Your first course: HSF001 (Han Shot First)

Because this information is canon, you may feel it’s beneath you – but trust us when we say it’s a NEED TO KNOW piece of pop culture. Your geeklings and your geeklings geeklings will be raised without seeing this first hand. When you’re gone and all that’s left is the edited Blu-Ray edition where Greedo shoots first, who is going to pass along the right and proper order of things? That’s where we come in.

Take a look at the video below. 15 glorious minutes of Han shooting Greedo FIRST. The way it should be. Pay close attention, there will be a quiz after.


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HSF001 Quiz

Your quiz will be graded and if you pass you will receive a certificate of completion for course HSF001.

Thank you, and may your nerducation guide you to higher geekery!