I have a Cthulhu tattoo on my arm.  Is my arm evil and will I be safe when his tentacledness arrives from his icy slumber? 

Is your arm evil? Is your ARM … EVIL?!? You better pull it together man. You think a tattoo of his waterlogged unholiness is enough to make some unworthy part of you evil, man? You better rethink bro, you better hold your head in a toilet and pray, cause when the master returns, ain’t none of us gonna be safe, ya dig? You wanna appease the Lord Cthulhu, why don’t you cut off your sissy little tattooed arm and throw it in the deep. Let Him feast on your tears and fornicate with your miseries. Then ask me if your friggin arm is evil, man! – Anonymous Cultist

See, that’s a fair question.  Throughout the annals of history religions have used markings and symbols to make their presence felt.  Christians had the fish, Muslims the crescent moon and Jewish folk the Star of David.  Now as to whether your arm is evil because you have a Cthulhu tattoo I am going to have to say yes.  At the last meeting the group did something to my spleen.  I’ve been up for the last five days listening to my spleen tell me to to sodomize a hippo and then make a blood sacrifice of my testicles to Cthulhu.  It turns out that my spleen and balls have been fighting for years and I didn’t know it.  – Cultist 667