The blue pill or the red pill, Sex Spider, which do you choose?

If there’s one thing I despise in life, it’s having to choose.  I’m a sensualist in every facet of my life.  I don’t believe in limiting myself to what normal society finds attractive!  I would just do both of them, see where that takes you.  You may take these pills and find yourself wandering outside The Web.  One of my Aracknids may take you in, bathe you and then bring you to Cock Spire, where I roost.  Then, in a pill-induced haze, I may part your legs much in the same way Moses allegedly parted the Red Sea .  With my sexy lower trunk squirming betwixt your tingling legs, you’ll be so happy you took both pills!  This could also happen even if you’re not on pills and I just find you wandering outside The Web  Things get sticky in Cock Spire people!