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Book Review: “Silencing Sharks” by John Hope

It can often be quite a surprise when you find out that someone you know has written a book. It's even more of a surprise when you find out that your first college roommate has [...]

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PUMP IT UP: the perfect workout playlist.

Summer is a time for changes to happen, and one of mine has been hitting the fucking gym more, because I would like to have some muscles and cut down on these thunder thighs a [...]

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some movies I’m excited for.

I'm back, motherfucker! :D Sorry it's been so long, life has been CRAZY. I've got a rad internship, I'm making another movie, I got dumped for the first time, etc, etc. Anyway. MOVIES. There are [...]

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Baskin, No Robbins

Baskin (2015) I readily admit that there are some movies that I just do not understand. Mostly they are time-travel movies. That shit gets me turned around every time; seriously, I’ve seen 12 Monkeys at [...]

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XX: Femme-Fueled Horror Anthology

XX - 2016 (?) When we talk about horror movies, we often talk about the feelings that they elicit from the audience. We know directors and actors and we get excited about their participation, but [...]

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Contracted: Phase II – Just Like Phase I But with an Extra I

Contracted: Phase II (2015) If you read my review for Contracted, you know there’s not much love lost between myself and it. At the end of both my viewing of the movie and my writing about [...]

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Chchch ahahah In Defense of Friday the 13th

Hello you beautiful psychos. You glorious murderers. You twisted maniacs. I know it takes a special kind of person to fall in love with the slasher genre. I know you’re my people. And now, for [...]

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Zombie Honey’s Best and Worst of 2015

With 2016 almost at the half way point, I thought it would be fun to share a reminder of last years list. Because why the hell not... It’s that time of the season for sharing [...]

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Cirlce, Circle, Dot, Dot… Now You’ve Got Your COOTIES Shot!

Cooties (2015) There is going to be no surprise in this statement: IF the zombie apocalypse DOES arise, I’m going to throw kids to the wolves… zombies… pretty fucking furiously. This isn’t just because kids [...]

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AXEL KARETNA’S TOP 10 FILMS OF 2015: brace yourself.

Well, ‘tis that time of year again. The beginning of it, that is. And I am very pleased to say that there were a LOT of fantastic films last year. This list was pretty hard, but [...]

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