Hey there!

Yeah, you!

Do you like to draw? Do you think you draw well? Do you want an opportunity to draw for The Nerdery Public? We’ve got just the opportunity for you!

We need illustrators to help create our web comic. This is, an unpaid gig. We’ll advertise the crap out of you on our site if you’re still interested!

Never more than a short 4-6 panels with minimal background and character detail. Iffin’ you’re interested, shoot us a line: republic@thenerderypublic.com

Sample Script/Layout

Panel 1: Bella Blitz & Doctor Schadenfreude standing in kitchen at refridgerator
Dr: I need to put something in my mouth
Bella: Is it balls?

Panel 2: Bella still at fridge – Dr walking off panel

Panel 3: Bella at fridge alone – looking confused
Bella: Balls go in mouths.

Please, let us know if you’re interested – we have about 5 comics scripted out so far, we’d like to feature a different artist each week. AND we’ll provide photos to help with the character sketches.

AGAIN: This is unpaid, but we’ll give you credit, link to your webbysite and include a box ad on our home page! We’re awesome like that.