Sex Spider’s Sexual Advice

//Sex Spider’s Sexual Advice

Down the Rabbit Hole

The blue pill or the red pill, Sex Spider, which do you choose? If there’s one thing I despise in life, it’s having to choose.  I’m a sensualist in every facet of my life.  I [...]

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Android vs. iPhone

I currently have an Android - but I’m thinking about upgrading to an iPhone - what do you think? iPhone or Android?  Why not look someone in the eyes, whisper in the ear?  I know [...]

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Changing Careers in a Depressed Economy

With the economy and all, I'm considering leaving my current career of selling tires and go into a new field. Do you have any suggestions? I would suggest going through a temp agency.  In these [...]

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A Prostate Massage Does NOT Make You Gay

My girl was going down on me. When just before I came, she thrust two fingers in my ass for the biggest manplosion of my life... Now I might be having gay tendencies, what's your [...]

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Jurassic Park

In Jurassic Park, there's a scene where the T-Rex attacks the visitors in the Explorers.  The T-Rex just walks out of the paddock.  The next scene shows Dr. Grant and the kids scaling down a [...]

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