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Harrison Ford: Nerd Pimp

I’ve got three names for you, ready: Harrison. Fucking. Ford. Yes, I am going to assume that his middle name is Fucking – and no – there is nothing you can do about it. Why [...]

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Count Fucking Duckula!

Ok. I know this was a British animated series, but that’s no excuse not to know about it. Unless you grew up under a rock in the 80’s – you should know, and LOVE Count [...]

By |August 16th, 2012|Breed Geeks|2 Comments

Look to the stars. Search for truth.

Last night (8/5/2012) at approximately 10:30 PM PST, a 2000 lb remote science lab aptly named “Curiosity” successfully landed in Gale Crater on Mars after a 350 million mile journey that started on Earth 8 [...]

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There are only TWO Ghostbuster Movies

3 Fucks were given in this article. With all of the internet abuzz about a third writing team hired on to create the script for a third Ghostbusters movie, I felt it was important to [...]

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DNA is nerdy

The DNA of the nerdiverse is starting to thin out ... but there are still very important reasons why, if you have children, you should make them geeky. COMING SOON!

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