MST3K Viewing + Rum Icing = Good Times

click to download template. If you're anything like me, you love MST3K (No, I am not going to spell it out. If you don't know what it is, GTFO). Even better is watching it with [...]

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Last Minute Halloween Mask

Need a last minute Halloween costume? You could be our fearless editor! Become the Duck - Deep Fried Duck! Download the PDF, print, cut, wear!

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The Smartly Pumpkin

Smartly Sarah doesn't believe in carving pumpkins on Halloween ... but two days before is perfectly acceptable, and we at The Nerdery Public agree. Happy Halloween!

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When do the cultists predict the world will end? When the great Cthulhu decides he is hungry enough, all the world will be devoured … He’s kinda like Galactus in his ability to devour entire [...]

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FOR IMMEDIATE UPDATE CONTACT: BARNABY MONTGOMERY THEMARVELBOOK@GMAIL.COM THEMARVELBOOK.WORDPRESS.COM Phoenix, AZ October, 2012- All it takes is one taste to have your world turned upside down. In his first novel, “The Marvel” Barnaby Montgomery has built [...]

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We got mail from the future, and it’s inevitable doom and loneliness!

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Game Night Beer Tastings

Let's face it - your game night sucks. It doesn't suck, you say? Let me guess... you guys pig out on cheetos and bad pizza and get grease and cheeto dust all over the pieces [...]

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Colony of Deep Ones

I have a colony of Deep Ones in my swimming pool. Can anyone recommend a good method of removing them? Why would you want to remove them? I recommend blood sacrifices and ritual feedings. You [...]

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Nerder. Death. Kill. Wonder Woman (part 4)

Welcome to the first ever NERDERDOME! Nerderdome will be a month long conversation with FOUR prompts for ONE topic. The Nerdery Public will gather together nerds for a conversation about a hot nerd topic, and [...]

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Bellaleesi & The Doktor Take Athens

Ok... so this didn't ACTUALLY happen, but we're always happy to indulge Barnaby in his superhero fantasies - especially when we're the superheroes! PS... we love the tribute to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

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