Children of the Cornbread

Some years back my college roommate and I find ourselves (as we often did back then) drunk, broke, hungry, and watching horror movies..in this case Children of the Corn movies. After a half hour of [...]

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It’s As Cold As Hoth…

We received mail from the doomed future. This was a singing telegram set to the tune of Foreigner's Cold As Ice... It's as cold as Hoth We're willing to sacrifice our cow It's never warming [...]

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Would You Like to Watch a Game?

Hi, my name is Aaron and sometimes I’m a lazy bastard. I love playing games, experiencing the highs and lows, seeing how gameplay evolves, how characters develop, how worlds come together, exploding someone’s head in [...]

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Nerd Academy: GREM001 (Caring for your Mogwai)

Welcome to Nerd Academy! Here at Nerd Academy we believe that you can’t breed good geeks if you aren’t a good geek. You’ll be given sound, video and photo clips of iconic geek culture to [...]

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Life After Reckoning

What will become of your Cultists after the reckoning? We will become like his right hand men but you know, with tentacles.  You know how that one cult says if you’re really good you’ll go [...]

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Souls for Talent

Can we sell our soul to Cthulhu for talent? You could but it’d be like a monkey paw kinda deal.  Oh look, you got an amazing voice but only because you have to eat three [...]

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Say cheese!

Captain Tech Support (CTS): Ahh, comfort food. You know the stuff we mean. Shepard's pie, nachos, and our personal favorite: Mac-n-cheese. When made right, this is food that fills your heart, as well as your [...]

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Loki vs. Bane

In celebration of the DVD and BluRay release of The Dark Night Rises, Bella Blitz and Smartly Sarah are going head to head in a battle to decide who is 2012’s Most Epic Villain. In Smartly Sarah’s [...]

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A Clockwork Orange Cranberry BBQ Sauce

A few Black Fridays back I found myself being awakened by an early morning incessant knocking at the door. It was a longtime friend and fellow Black Friday widower, left sans female by the pre-dawn [...]

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