Josh Roseman:
Soft-Rocking the Suburbs

Josh Roseman — not the trombonist, the other one — is a writer, mostly of speculative fiction. He’s a member of SFWA with stories published by Asimov’s, Crossed Genres, Escape Pod, and others. He also writes non-fiction for Escape Pod; narrates audio fiction for Escape Artists, District of Wonders, and others; and can occasionally be found making internets for fun and profit.

What does Josh bitch about? Mostly the media; he spent more than ten years working for such media giants as Cox, Gannett, Turner, and one that rhymes with “feather flannel”. He also hates putting punctuation inside of quotation marks when the quotation marks aren’t an actual quote. He’s an atheist, he won’t talk politics with you, and he thinks Buffy the Vampire Slayer is probably the best thing ever — just don’t bring it up or you’ll be tagged forever in his brain as a Buffy person, and then you’re screwed.

In addition to writing, bitching, and Buffy, Josh also enjoys reading, cooking, meeting new people (in small groups and controlled environments), snuggling, and a plethora of other things that, if this was a family-friendly website, would get him a very stern talking-to from Human Resources.

Here at TNP, you’re likely to find Josh pontificating about:

* Awesome stuff (for certain values of awesome).
* Media (the media itself, and also movies and things).
* Relationships (both in and out of the digital age).
* Sex.
* Technology.
* Transit and travel.
* Writing.

Find Josh’s professional stuff online at, and his Items of Interest at He’s on every social network, so pick one and follow him there, just to save yourself some time.