Celestia Price:
Not a Phlebotomist

This is what happens when you let your partner write your bio…

Phlebotomist. Uruguay. Caftan. Ablutions. Ectoplasm. These are words that do not describe Celestia Price, one of the newest writers at the Nerdery Public. Born in North Carolina but currently living in northern Georgia, Celestia spends most of her time working, reading, watching Netflix, and spending as much time as possible with her stepdaughter (who makes her laugh) and her partner (who tries really hard to do the same, but tends to fall short of the mark). She also knits, cooks, organizes, swims, sleeps, and tries really hard to stay ahead of the laundry. She likes purple, yellow, polka-dots, giraffes, owls, and penguins. She’ll probably beat you at Settlers of Catan. She’s on most of the major social networks, but your best shot at finding her is via Twitter (@bouncygiraffe) and Pinterest.

Celestia isn’t going to shy away from the hard questions. She’ll deconstruct them with her law degree, put them in their place with her teaching experience, and then give them hugs when they get sad. And then the questions will feel better, because her hugs are amazing.

If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll hug you someday too.

And remember: she’s not a phlebotomist from Uruguay who wears a caftan while doing her ablutions to clean off excess ectoplasm. Because that would just be ridiculous.