The Hulk. He has the power of Cthulhu behind him. We nabbed him in 1971 after he “shouted love at the heart of the atom”. Good move on our part. – Cultist 12

It’s true.  Now he fights with the retard-strength of a thousand dead gods.  — Cultist 805

That’s actually a fairly interesting question.  On the one hand you have to think that Superman gets the advantage due to the flight and heat vision but you have to take into account that The Hulk does how the whole super-jumping thing down pretty well and is nearly impervious to most laser based weapons.  That’s not to say that The Hulk can’t feel the pain of getting blasted with a heat blast.  He does feel pain but that’s where the real problem starts for Superman.  The Hulk’s powers are based on rage.  There’s a direct correlation to how angry he is and his strength.  The madder you make him the stronger he gets.  So a physical attack isn’t something that Superman can hope to win.  The Hulk will just get stronger and stronger with no real cap set to what he’s capable of doing, physically.  That being said, Superman’s best bet is to use reason and attempt to calm The Hulk down.  Should he win in the arena of compassion and kindness it shouldn’t take too much to knock down “puny Banner”.  So, yeah.  There’s that.  I used to work in a comic book store.  Don’t judge me.  – Cultist 667

Post-Scripture: I’m being told that should I ever again encourage victory, even hypothetical victory, through the use of reason and kindness I will be flogged, sodomized and sacrificed to Cthulhu.  I’m also being told that it might not necessarily be in that order.  – Cultist 667

SIDE NOTE: It’s never in the order we promise. – Cultist 12