Does Will Seduceyou still tour, or is he too busy getting laid?

I’ve tried to go back out on tour but the stage show is just so damned expensive!  These kids and their damned Napster have really cut into album sales.  I make most of my money on the few things I invented and patented.  I invented Ball Balm, a balm for your undercarriage.  There’s the Pussy Wedge, a plastic wedge that lets those stinky things air out.  Lastly, I also invented Goo Be Gone, that was a funny story!  Plus, not many places are willing to follow the rules set forth in my rider.  It’s so hard to find virgins these days.  Don’t get me wrong, I would never have sex with a virgin, they are way too scared.  No, the virgins were to be fashioned into my floor so my feet were always on soiled virgins.  Or was that virgin soil?  Who fucking cares, right?