Good idea. Save the environment, save the people. More people, more sacrifices. Cthulhu approves. – Cultist 12

A fair question.  There are a few things to consider in all of this before you make a true decision.  The first is the availability of “charging stations”.  Now you could charge your hybrid at home but now you’re looking at a much higher electric bill.  There are very few states that are making the push for charging stations so you would probably want to make this consideration based on where you’re at.  Secondly, and more important to consider, you have to keep in mind that THE LORD CTHULHU SHALL BE AMONGST US SOON!  With that in mind, you have to think that if you’re lucky enough to be spared the initial devastation there probably won’t be many places that have active electricity.  So unless you have thirty roided out hamsters running in a wheel to charge that sucker you’re probably better off going with something bio-diesel or steam powered.  Since I said that, anyone involved with the steampunk movement please sign our mailing list.  We may have employment opportunities for you in the very, VERY, near future.  Thank you.  – Cultist 667