3 Fucks
were given in this article.

With all of the internet abuzz about a third writing team hired on to create the script for a third Ghostbusters movie, I felt it was important to dig in my heels and say, oh hell no! I’m going to keep this rant (relatively) short and to the point… here goes.

There is no Ghostbusters 3, only Zuul.
I’ll be the petrified remains of the Keymaster AND the Gatekeeper if it means keeping the spectacle of this androgynous demigod in the forefront of the Nerdiverse.

Mr. Stay Puft.
This doesn’t even need to be qualified… It’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man … it’s “The most harmless thing. Something from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us.” But it will try its very best and in the end, we’ll have s’mores for life!  (And, come on, what little kid watching that wasn’t thinking that when he ‘sploded everywhere?)

Now, while the second Ghostbusters movie was mediocre but enjoyable, it fell WAY flat (for me) AND it did that thing – you know – that thing movies and TV do – where they bring a baby on board to generate interest and a new audience. Yeah… that thing. That thing doesn’t work.

So, years later on the crusty, old heels of a subpar sequel, against the wishes of Bill Murray (Bill Fucking Murray, ya’ll! He doesn’t want this movie to be made either), the powers that be have decided that no matter how much we fight it, they’re going to rape our childhood. Fine, screw those guys because here’s the thing, we don’t have to let them take the the awesomeness that is Ghostbusters away from future generations of geeks. They came, they saw, they kicked ass … TWICE … I think that’s all the more that should be expected from them.

I leave you with this: breed geeks, so they’ll know that when someone asks them if they’re a god, they’ll say “YES”!

Who you gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters, they’re fucking retired!


AUTHORS NOTE: In the event that Ghostbusters 3 is NEVER made, I will continue to stand by this rant so future generations of geeks will know I think the film industry is full of mother pus buckets with no imagination of their own anymore.