SIX OF THE BEST… things about my first Christmas

I was raised Jewish, and although I've given (and been given) Christmas cards and Christmas presents over the years, I never actually celebrated the holiday for myself. But then I started dating someone who celebrates [...]

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Say cheese!

Captain Tech Support (CTS): Ahh, comfort food. You know the stuff we mean. Shepard's pie, nachos, and our personal favorite: Mac-n-cheese. When made right, this is food that fills your heart, as well as your [...]

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A Clockwork Orange Cranberry BBQ Sauce

A few Black Fridays back I found myself being awakened by an early morning incessant knocking at the door. It was a longtime friend and fellow Black Friday widower, left sans female by the pre-dawn [...]

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Bella’s Hand Turkey

Bella Blitz made this for you. You've been warned. All of us here at the Nerdery Public wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, we wish you a Happy Thursday!

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Thanksgiving is… People?!

We got mail from the future, and it’s inevitable doom and loneliness! Vegetarians and Vegans across the globe were right. Meat is NOT sustainable. Meat eaters, however, will find a way. Happy Thanksgiving you crazy [...]

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Gone Fishin’

I don’t feel like writing this week. I have a lot of papers due for school before the Thanksgiving break, and whenever I have a free hour I basically want to do nothing but watch Sherlock or [...]

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