SIX OF THE BEST… modern-era live-action Superman films

With of the growing body of work in the superhero oeuvre, which now includes such a huge number of animated works that only a kid could keep track*, it's almost impossible to watch every single [...]

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SIX OF THE BEST… things I would change about Supergirl

In the beginning, I was leery about Supergirl (the new CBS show). It wasn't being made by the people who make the other DC Televised Universe (DCTU) shows, and it wasn't going to be connected [...]

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Escape from escapism doesn’t lead to reality…

Films and TV shows aren't real. Well, except documentaries and the news. Sports shown on TV are kind of real too, assuming they haven't been rigged. Reality shows... well, they're sort of real, or at [...]

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John Constantine: The HECKblazer OR Just Another Nail In The New 52’s Coffin

It has recently been announced that DC/Vertigo would be canceling the long running and well loved series “John Constantine: Hellblazer”. The news saddened me as this is one of my favorite all time series and, [...]

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Blaxploitation… Enjoy a Little Blaxperience

Black Samson, Black Shampoo, Black Dragon, Black Six, Black Jack, Black Belt Jones… Yes these are all films titles. Yes they do have the common denominator “Black”. Funky isn’t it? They all come from the [...]

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Nerd Movies: The Next Generation OR The Death of Comic Book Movies

I love comic book movies.  I truly do.  It doesn’t matter if it’s “Road to Perdition” or the “Blade” trilogy.  I love them all.  Shit, I sent a Twitter message to Alison Pill all but [...]

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