The future ain’t what it used to be…

Oblivion (noun): 1) The state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. 2) The state of sometimes being Tom Cruise in a science fiction landscape. 3) One of those Elder Scrolls games that [...]

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We got mail from the future, and it’s inevitable doom and loneliness!

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Stabby’s Rusty Shiv Hut

No matter what apocalyptic scenario you're up against, you'll need to be able to defend yourself, and your beans...

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Brains – The Other White Meat

We got mail from the future, and it's inevitable doom!

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The Survival Engine: Cold (Part III)

A wet clump of snow had gotten down the back of Benny’s jacket and burning a cold streak along his spine into his underwear.  There was nothing worse then getting a clump of snow under [...]

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