NEST EGGS: some of my favorite releases from skrillex’s NEST label.

It’s pretty damn hard to argue with free music, especially if it’s really GOOD free music. Skrillex (you know, the dubstep guy) started a record label called OWSLA a while back, and a couple of [...]

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Plague – Still Not An Anti-vaxer Movie

Plague (2014) Sometimes, much to my very own chagrin, I click play on a movie that I’ve been avoiding for a while; seemingly, endlessly scrolling through Netflix looking for something that might not be shit. [...]

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Film Review: Nosferatu (1922)

There was a time when vampires weren't sparkly in daylight and applied lots of hair-care products before going to school for the 150th year in a row. They were menacing beings surrounded by dark mystery [...]

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