Burying the Ex: Some Tropes Just Won’t Die

Women are crazy. Am I right? *dude-bro high five* No? You’re not having any of that? That’s okay, neither am I really. I mean - I know my fair share of crazy gals - but [...]

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Rage Against “This Just In”

As you are (sadly) likely aware, there seems to be a surge in cases of sexual harassment and/or blatant sexism with the geek/writing community. There was the ReaderCon fiasco, and more recently a comic that [...]

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BELLA HULK: Rage Against ‘This Just In’

So, last week my family was in town from New York and Florida for vacation. And, while I love them, it's family – and it was their vacation not mine. I attempted to relax and [...]

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Who cares if I’m a girl?

(Smartly Sarah has always been a nerd.) Sometimes being a woman and being a geek can be pretty exasperating. The fact that I am a woman has nothing to do with the fact [...]

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