BELLA SMASH: The Mary Sue’s Mother of a Magnifying Glass over Jurassic World

Listen, it's no big surprise that I'm closer to a knuckle-dragging neanderthal than most guys I know. This isn't me bragging, this is just my sense of humor; my beige tinted way of looking at the [...]

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Mega Monster Kaiju Zetsubou A-Go-Go Plus Maximum!

Anyone who knows me knows I really dig the Monster In My Pants. It's a fun song from the B-52s' own Fred Schneider, a whole lot of boogie in a weird little trippy bundle and [...]

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Jurassic Park

In Jurassic Park, there's a scene where the T-Rex attacks the visitors in the Explorers.  The T-Rex just walks out of the paddock.  The next scene shows Dr. Grant and the kids scaling down a [...]

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