SIX OF THE BEST… reasons not to buy a smartwatch

Unless you've been living completely off the grid -- in which case, how are you reading this? -- you're aware that Apple is releasing a highly-touted wearable called the iWatch. It's coming this Friday, and [...]

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SIX OF THE BEST… things to bring on a long car trip

When I was a kid, my family would regularly take four-hour drives from our home in south Florida up to Orlando to visit Disney. Then, when I went to college in Orlando, it was about [...]

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Android vs. iPhone

I currently have an Android - but I’m thinking about upgrading to an iPhone - what do you think? iPhone or Android?  Why not look someone in the eyes, whisper in the ear?  I know [...]

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Phantom Zone…

Mr. Barnaby Montgomery was privvy to information about Bella Blitz finishing off the last beer. He may not have trusted that she would replenish the stock and envisioned an app, "Phantom Zone", that Doktor Schadenfreude [...]

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