SIX OF THE WORST… things you can mess up in your house

I am a homeowner. It is a lot harder than you might think, if you've never been one. Stuff breaks all the time, and unlike when you're renting an apartment you have no one to [...]

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SIX OF THE BEST… things I’m looking forward to in my new house

I bought a house last week. Or, more accurately, I bought the right to pay the bank for a house that I will be occupying for a long time. Maybe forever. There are a lot [...]

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NEST EGGS: some of my favorite releases from skrillex’s NEST label.

It’s pretty damn hard to argue with free music, especially if it’s really GOOD free music. Skrillex (you know, the dubstep guy) started a record label called OWSLA a while back, and a couple of [...]

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why the TOP 100 DJS poll is bullshit: an Axel Karetna rant

Every year, we EDM fans get the chance to vote on our favorite DJs in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll. Here’s how it works: you sign in with Facebook or whatever, then you [...]

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Zombie Proofing 102: This Is YOUR House

Wouldn’t things be easier if we were all turtles? Then the title of this could be You’re a House and a Fortress. But alas, we are not turtles. We do not come built into our [...]

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HAUNTED HOUSE: my favorite horror-influenced dance songs (and one entire album)

I will admit that this article is not my most professional work. But hey. I’m a total fucking geek over dance music. And horror, to be honest. So when the two come together, I kinda [...]

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House vs. Car

I live in an apartment and drive a car that needs $2000 worth of work. I'm almost 100% debt free, should I buy a house or a car? Sadly I can't buy both because one [...]

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