SIX OF THE WORST… Halloween costume choices I’ve made

I enjoy Halloween. I like candy, and I like not having to do work because of Halloween-related activities. I think my costume this year was pretty good (check my social media to see photos). But [...]

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HAUNTED HOUSE PART II: more tunes to make you shake (in both fear and rhythmic fashion)

Halloween’s coming up, so I figure you might need some tunes to pump up your party. Check these bad boys out. Lazer Lazer Lazer & Helix High – Mr. Crackspider If you like Knife Party [...]

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Halloween, the Most “Sexiest” Time of the Year

(Authors note: I’m using the word “sexy” here as defined by costume manufacturers... meaning revealing or skimpy) I love Halloween. I do not love sexy Halloween costumes. And, let me get this out of the [...]

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Deep Fried Bella?

Bella Blitz should not be left alone with beer and last-minute masks on Halloween. We've already witnessed what a terrible editor she is, and now she's pretending to be our fearless editor, DeepFriedDuck. We can [...]

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Last Minute Halloween Mask

Need a last minute Halloween costume? You could be our fearless editor! Become the Duck - Deep Fried Duck! Download the PDF, print, cut, wear!

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The Smartly Pumpkin

Smartly Sarah doesn't believe in carving pumpkins on Halloween ... but two days before is perfectly acceptable, and we at The Nerdery Public agree. Happy Halloween!

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