Review: The Red Ten #1

Writer: Tyler James Artist: Cesar Feliciano Colors: Guillermo Ucha Cover: C.P. Wilson III Cover Colorist: Ty Tyner Released By: ComixTribe Where to find this book: December 19th, 2012 at your local comic shop. If they don’t [...]

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Guiding Your Offspring To Geekery

Being a parent, I see my daughter changing before my eyes on a daily basis. When she was an infant, she was so small… terrifyingly small. I would hold her on my forearm like a [...]

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Nerd Movies: The Next Generation OR The Death of Comic Book Movies

I love comic book movies.  I truly do.  It doesn’t matter if it’s “Road to Perdition” or the “Blade” trilogy.  I love them all.  Shit, I sent a Twitter message to Alison Pill all but [...]

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