The Council for a Better Apocalypse: Survival Tip #404

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Post Apocalyptic Career Path: Baker

I love to cook.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You see, in my family, it is the men who you will find making dinner or preparing snacks. During family reunions, we [...]

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They Set Fire to the World…

We got mail from the future, and it’s inevitable doom!

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Melee vs. Range Weapons (an infographic … sort of)

A Machete NEVER runs out of bullets, doesn't require a reload time, doesn't require aiming ability or good eye sight, can take out more than one reanimated loved one in a single swoosh ... and [...]

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Stabby’s Rusty Shiv Hut

No matter what apocalyptic scenario you're up against, you'll need to be able to defend yourself, and your beans...

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Guide to Building Your Own Bug-Out Kit (Part 3)

What is a “But Out” Bag? Bug Out Bag: A prepared bag that one grabs filled with items of the utmost necessity for an emergency evacuation during an apocalyptic situation.  The shit that you will, [...]

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