It’s pretty damn hard to argue with free music, especially if it’s really GOOD free music. Skrillex (you know, the dubstep guy) started a record label called OWSLA a while back, and a couple of years in he decided to open it up to more artists and give them a chance to give away free music. The result: NEST, a record label where you don’t have to pay a damn thing for the music.

This would be all well and good, but pretty much everything NEST releases is VERY high quality. So in order to raise awareness of this glorious label, here’s a few of my favorite releases from NEST so far. Click the links to visit the download pages.

G-Buck – ShakeLine/TOMA

If nothing else, NEST has some of the best trap/twerk/booty-shakin’ music on any label, free or not. DJ G-Buck is one of my favorite trap artists at the moment, and on this release he brings one of my new favorite shout-along tracks with “ShakeLine”. Featuring shouts from Fly Boi Keno and Four Color Zack, it is hard to keep yourself from getting down to the pure energy of this track. The B-side “TOMA” ain’t half bad either, bringing more of G-Buck’s signature MASSIVE drum sounds.

Rezz – Insurrection

I’ve been trying to fit Rezz into a post for a long long time now, and I FINALLY have a reason. Isabelle Rezazadeh, better known to musicians and listeners as Rezz, is one of the most popular female DJs in the world these days thanks to her offbeat sense of humor and her dark, grinding brand of techno. The Insurrection EP gives you just a taste of what she’s capable of – “Plague” and “Rush” are slow stompers that hit you with a dark drop out of absolutely nowhere, and “Lucifer” is a totally dance floor-ready thumper that brings the beats without losing the dark vibe.

I seriously love this album art.

I seriously love this album art.

signal:noise & Jay Fay – Trunk

Some of these releases are single songs, but when they are, they’re really GOOD ones. “Trunk” is an electro collaboration between signal:noise (alter ego of DJ Nick Thayer) and Jay Fay that basically just has a little bit of everything. Infectious bongos, an addictive chant, and a fat kick drum all build up together before dropping into a complete banger of a groove. (Man. I am getting way too detailed at describing these. Basically, download it; it’s really good.)

Albin Myers & Carli – The Legend

This EP is pretty unique in that the two artists involved are pretty much creating a new genre. Albin Myers and Carli combine deep house and ‘90s break-beat rhythms for a style they call “Busy Tempo”. Aptly named – the music rushes along like someone who has way too much to do and not enough time to do it. All three tracks sound like they could be soundtracking a ‘90s action sequence, which is high praise if you know how I like my ‘90s action sequences.

AWE – Top Gun


AWE yeah.

Another single release, “Top Gun” comes from Los Angeles trap DJ AWE. I love this one – it lures you in with a lush synthesizer melody straight out of an ‘80s sci-fi B-movie before punching you in the face with a VERY nasty bassline and a snare drum so sick it should be quarantined. That was dumb. Again, just download this if you like to shake your butt; it is also really really good.

This is NOWHERE near everything good NEST has to offer; check out their site at and give all their releases a listen. From dubstep to house to trap to drum n’ bass to things that don’t fit in a genre, you are SURE to find something you like. Trust me.