How do you respond to criticisms of the justice department over their handling of the 2008 economic collapse, particularly with new prosecutions being made against companies like The Lehmen Brothers?

You fools! Wall Street has been cloaked for 140 years in a necrotic barrier of inprosecutable darkness. And it was I who leaked the pages of the Necronomicon to Eric Holder. – Cultist 27

Dude, I totally just caught that episode of “The Newsroom”.  Okay, well I read about it while I was updating the Cthulhu blog.  And to be fair, I had a bit of inside information about the episode.  Don’t tell anyone, but Aaron Sorkin is actually Cultist number 251.  The insane cadency of his speech.  The pure focus of his characters as if they were all players in the head of a person with voices.  I mean, did you see “Sports Nite”?  That thing plays like a love letter to Cthulhu.  – Cultist 667