Who did Cthulhu vote for in the 2012 election?

Well of course he voted for Romney.  He want this world to plunge into chaos and bring about the years of darkness.  Obama is delaying that shit with bringing the people together.  Do you guys even know Cthulhu?  I’ve got a pamphlet I’d like to give you… – Cultist 69

Actually, if he would have, it would’ve been for Nader, just to piss people off. But do to a string of felonies in the future, we don’t even bother. – Cultist 6

Cthulhu does not vote, himself. However each cultist was instructed to write him in. All hail Cthulhu, DICTATOR! – Cultist 12

I’m planning on getting out and voting before the end of the year.  We have until December, right? – Cultist 667