Darwin Law here and bah to the motherfucking humbug.  Christmas during the end of days is like playing pinochle while you’re being fed into a wood chipper…but I’ll play your little game.  Ho Ho Ho and shit.  What do I want for Christmas aside from you all to get the hell off my planet?  Let’s see here…Kevlar is a good start.  You can never have enough Kevlar in your life.  Gloves, body armor, neck guard…I already got everything I need but yeah I could stand  a back up supply when things get tight.  What else?  Lemme think.  A nice impact weapon with something pointy coming out of it would be lovely.  For the sake of argument let’s say you get me an aluminum baseball bat with a railroad spike coming out of it and a re-enforced grip.  That would look lovely under my ballisticly sound Christmas tree (it can actually be used for cover and concealment in the event that Christmas morning turns into a total cockup…again).  Anything else?  OH!  Spam.  You never can have enough Spam.  And so ends my Christmas list.   Bah humbug and keep your powder dry.