What do we bring Cthulhu for Christmas?

We don’t really celebrate that holiday, that other guy took all our lord’s thunder.  People feared him before that dude came around.  I do like the way they offed him though.  Really twisted!  He was a real “thorn in our side” if you catch my drift… – Cutlist 69

I think the answer is obvious. Tax-deductible donations to further our goals to a better lair. Let me know your email for your receipt.  – Cultist 7

You bring your soul and a covered dish. Cthulhu loves cheesy potatoes. – Cultist 4

Well, aside from your fear and crushed souls, I would recommend bringing moisturizer.  You’d be surprised but being a massive tentacle creature from another dimension THE GREAT LORD CTHULHU doesn’t have access to lotion in HIS realm.  So I would go with a nice arraignment from Bath & Body Works.  Please don’t bring HIM the West Wing box set or the first season of Newsroom as one of our cultists (I’m looking at your Aaron Sorkin) already got HIM those.  You could, however, get HIM the complete run of Sports Night just to make Sorkin feel bad.  Oh and the blood of your first born children.  – Cultist 667