Sex Spider’s Sexual Advice

//Sex Spider’s Sexual Advice

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Your mom, sister, dog?


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Do men have a g-spot in their anus?

What an amazing question!!  Not too many men will answer this honestly but yes.  At least I do.  It’s the prostate that does it, not so much the butt action.  It takes some practice but [...]

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Sex Spider Toys

What was your favorite toy as a child? Obviously it was my ding dong.  I played (and continue to play) with that thing for hours!!  “Want to come play GI Joe, Will?”  “No, I’m too [...]

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Perfect Date

What's your idea of a perfect first date? My date is led into The Web and led up the marble steps of Cock Spire.  She is nervous.  “Am I alone in here?”  I descend slowly [...]

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Ass to Mouth?

Is it ever okay to go Ass to Mouth? Please explain. Honestly, it really depends on how clean the person is.  I’m not going to lie guys, I’ve found myself with some seriously used ass [...]

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