Memoirs of a Geeksha

//Memoirs of a Geeksha

How I learned to play First Person Shooters (or Avoiding Being Tank Raped).

Until 2008 I had been the definition of "casual gamer". I tinkered with Mario Tennis (which I still love), Dr. Mario (which I can't play, because I can't stop), Bejeweled (because I love that Satan [...]

Who cares if I’m a girl?

(Smartly Sarah has always been a nerd.) Sometimes being a woman and being a geek can be pretty exasperating. The fact that I am a woman has nothing to do with the fact [...]

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Sympathy for the Devil

Bella Blitz is not the only one living in the Nerdery Public who suffers from a debilitating addiction to bad boys. In fact, our mutual fixation on mischief-makers and evildoers is what brought us together [...]

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Nerds don’t let nerds split hairs

Let me start by saying, I use the word geek and nerd interchangeably all of the time, so don't get confused and think that I'm splitting hairs here. Also, I am not a new nerd, [...]

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Beware the Geekubus

I was destined to be a geek; it’s one of the few things about myself of which I am truly certain.  Growing up, my family had dinner together every night while the TV at the [...]

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