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What does it mean to be a nerd?

Our team of cultural geneticists take on a variety of topics, all to get at the many wonderful strands woven into the DNA of the geekiverse, and why you should pass them on.

SIX OF THE BEST… reasons to be a strict parent

I read a list on Buzzfeed recently about the worst things about having conservative parents [...]

Grandma: A Different Kind of Geek

It took me a long time to realize that I was a geek for what [...]

Playground Deathmares

I was talking to my roommate the other day. They were telling me all about [...]

“One more level.” “One more round.” “One more quest.” We’ve all been there. Exchange stories and bond over solutions to the kick-ass scourge of gaming addiction.

SIX OF THE BEST… Tickets to Ride

My daughter is on her spring break right now, and is spending it with her [...]

SIX OF THE WORST… things about playing against the computer

As much as I love playing games with other people, sometimes* it's not possible to [...]

Zombie unReality: Survival Street Games & Virtual Reality, Arizona Sunshine

If you close your eyes and imagine a post-apocalyptic world where you are a hardened [...]

Sharing true tales of what it means to navigate the fraught world of the geek girl.

Patch Town, A Cabbage Lore Musical

Patch Town (2014) When I was but a wee Blitzy, I had a Cabbage Patch [...]

Lady Ghostbusters: An Unpopular Bella Opinion

I am a woman, I know that can be questionable at times, and I am [...]

Mad Max: Fury Road… MORE, PLEASE.

I want to write elegantly about Mad Max: Fury Road. I WANT to. But instead [...]

Every Nerd must eat. It is one of many common threads that bind us. With lightsaber breadknives that toast while cutting, and Pangalactic Gargleblasters, we understand that the only limit to what we can accomplish in the kitchen is our imaginations. Welcome to the Nerd Kitchen. A place where you can share your culinary creations and gadgetry with the rest of the world.

Six of the Best Nerdy Recipes

Happy Wednesday! Josh is swamped with work this week, so I’m here with the top [...]

SIX OF THE BEST… things about starting a restrictive diet

I lost a lot of weight between November 2012 and November 2013. Then I gained [...]

Waffle Fried Chicken, Sa Da Tay!

Have you ever witnessed a group of white, almost transparent, 30 somethings sitting around eating [...]

Nerderome’s simple. Get to the information, use it any way you can. We know you won’t break the rules, because there aren’t any.

Nerder. Death. Kill. Wonder Woman (part 4)

Welcome to the first ever NERDERDOME! Nerderdome will be a month long conversation with FOUR [...]

Nerder. Death. Kill. Wonder Woman (part 3)

Welcome to the first ever NERDERDOME! Nerderdome will be a month long conversation with FOUR [...]

Nerder. Death. Kill. Wonder Woman (part 2)

Welcome to the first ever NERDERDOME! Nerderdome will be a month long conversation with FOUR [...]

Our forum for the latest developments in the Republic. Our academy for great and energetic conversations about the things we love. It’s our permanent ongoing nerd convention, where the hotels are never overbooked and the camaraderie doesn’t end on Sunday.

Book Review: “Silencing Sharks” by John Hope

It can often be quite a surprise when you find out that someone you know [...]

PUMP IT UP: the perfect workout playlist.

Summer is a time for changes to happen, and one of mine has been hitting [...]

some movies I’m excited for.

I'm back, motherfucker! 😀 Sorry it's been so long, life has been CRAZY. I've got [...]

Zombies. Robots. Plague.

We’re pretty sure that the apocalypse is right around the corner, but why wait? Enjoy some slightly bent advice today on surviving our sure-to-be hellish tomorrow!

Zombie Proofing 104: Your Car, A Tank

I’m not entirely sure that when the zombie apocalypse is going to happen, but you [...]

Zombie Proofing 102: This Is YOUR House

Wouldn’t things be easier if we were all turtles? Then the title of this could [...]

Zombie Proofing 105: Save Your Brain, Using Your Mind to Survive

We’re skipping ahead a little in our zombie apocalypse proofing list of dos and don’ts [...]

We here at Nerdery Public created a pandimensional time travelling multilocational mailbox and sent it into the future, into inevitable doom! Here’s what we got back.


We received mail from the doomed future. They make a good point. Damn.

It’s As Cold As Hoth…

We received mail from the doomed future. This was a singing telegram set to the [...]


01010111 01100101 0100000 01100111 01101111 01110100 0100000 01101101 01100001 01101001 01101100 0100000 01100110 01110010 01101111 [...]

Will Seduceyou, better known as The Sex Spider, is available to answer any question you may have. This is sexual advice, not sex advice. Get ready to be wrapped in the Sex Spider’s cocoon of knowledge…

Do men have a g-spot in their anus?

What an amazing question!!  Not too many men will answer this honestly but yes.  At [...]

Sex Spider Toys

What was your favorite toy as a child? Obviously it was my ding dong.  I [...]

A webcomic where we celebrate the true, weird, funny moments that make up the best of what life in any nerd relationship can be.

Season’s Eatings

There is no rest for the wicked. Also, we're pretty sure Bella Blitz is getting [...]

Who Is Buster?

Did you know that Buster had a one man show off-broadway about the life of [...]

Bella’s Hand Turkey

Bella Blitz made this for you. You've been warned. All of us here at the [...]

“The Survival Engine: Cold” was originally written as an eight page short comic script around 2009. It was written as a teaser for the larger animal, which is “The Survival Engine”. So what was the larger animal all about?

The Survival Engine: Cold (Part III)

A wet clump of snow had gotten down the back of Benny’s jacket and burning [...]

The Survival Engine: Cold (Part II)

Discipline. That’s how HE had survived the end of the world.  HE was disciplined whereas [...]

The Survival Engine: Cold (Part 1)

“fuck me it’s cold,” he whispered to himself. Benny scratched at his beard.  He missed [...]

A quickfire forum for the eternal debates of nerd culture, as seen through a distinctly “Oh God We’re All Going to Die And Ain’t it Great” lens.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

How do you feel about the flying spaghetti monster stealing your schtick? I thought noodley [...]

Election 2012

Who did Cthulhu vote for in the 2012 election? Well of course he voted for [...]


What do we bring Cthulhu for Christmas? We don’t really celebrate that holiday, that other [...]