Who Is Buster?

Did you know that Buster had a one man show off-broadway about the life of Abraham Lincoln? No? Not many people do. It only lasted for one show, but some say - once he wore [...]

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Extreme Championship Wrestling

In 1998, living in a small dorm room somewhere in Florida, I happened to be up late one night and caught an odd beast of a show.  Thanks for my freshman year roommates, I'd developed [...]

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Dungeons, Dragons and The Doktor

Hello, my name is The Doktor and I'm an addict. Many of the articles you'll find on Gaming Addicts Anonymous deal with one player's experience with one particular game. My own story is a bit [...]

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Handy Tools for Limb Replacement

A sensible smartass might point out how The Grabber is an obvious candidate for limb replacement. These people are jerky assholey asshole-jerks. You don't want The Grabber. It is frail and it is fragile, and [...]

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