Fudd’s Fricassee

Elmer Fudd was not a smart man. Let’s be frank, he doesn’t even represent mediocre intelligence. He did however, know a few things: rabbits are delicious. Now that an armageddon is upon you (not me, [...]

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I, the malevolent editor of this cabal of non sequiturs, the unending spectre of proper wordsmithing, the man who knows that the secret to Robin Hood’s reputation and impeccable aim was that he was ripped [...]

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Better Bartering

So, the world's ended, again. It happens every so often, apparently, go figure. Economies crash, zombies wear jet-packs, dogs and cats, living together...it's mass hysteria. Actually, it's not; after the initial shock, things get to [...]

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Icepocalypse: Footwear Edition

It's cold. It's bad out there. Here in the South, we occassionally have snow, even blizzards. Two years ago, we turned Atlanta in Hothlanta, and there was a man ice skating on the road outside [...]

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So, you’re dating a cannibal…

“From time to time her eyes get wide And she's always got them stuck on me I'm surprised at how hot honey-coloured and hungry she looks...” - The Cure, “The 13th” So, you're dating a [...]

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Eat Your Fear: Bird

Wait, we start with a recipe? I tend to do a lot of things backwards, just what I do. But the above, that's not my recipe. It's a mind-bendingly simple and delicious recipe [...]

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