PUMP IT UP: the perfect workout playlist.

Summer is a time for changes to happen, and one of mine has been hitting the fucking gym more, because I would like to have some muscles and cut down on these thunder thighs a [...]

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some movies I’m excited for.

I'm back, motherfucker! :D Sorry it's been so long, life has been CRAZY. I've got a rad internship, I'm making another movie, I got dumped for the first time, etc, etc. Anyway. MOVIES. There are [...]

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CVNT5: using gareth emery’s new music video in order to tell you everything wrong with EDM

Gareth Emery is one hell of a talented musician. He’s pumped out album after awesome album and toured the globe. He’s a charismatic performer and excellent DJ. So who better to tear apart the modern [...]

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A lot of things that qualify for Unsung are very British exports that don’t get a lot of coverage in the United States. Sure, they gave us Monty Python and Sherlock and all that stuff, [...]

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UNSUNG: FOUR LIONS – you cannot win an argument just by being right.

Chris Morris is an English comic genius. In the ‘90s, he helped create the hilariously irreverent news parodies The Day Today and Brass Eye and dark comedy radio nightmare Blue Jam. He wasn’t quite as [...]

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AXEL KARETNA’S TOP 10 FILMS OF 2015: brace yourself.

Well, ‘tis that time of year again. The beginning of it, that is. And I am very pleased to say that there were a LOT of fantastic films last year. This list was pretty hard, but [...]

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FIRST NIGHT RALEIGH 2015: sending the year out with a bang.

I had a very good year. Filmmaking, music making, acting, etc, etc. So it’s only fitting that I end one of the best years of my life with a bang, right? To that end, I [...]

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UNSUNG: Premium Rush – the most dangerous job in the world.

UNSUNG. It’s a new little series of ours where we bring to your attention the shit that doesn’t get talked about enough and deserves so much more credit. Whether it be movies, music, books, ANYTHING. [...]

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KNIFE PARTY’S “TRIGGER WARNING”: *triggering intensifies*

It’s been one year since Knife Party released their debut full-length album Abandon Ship, and what an album it was. It crossed genres, made little jokes, and showed us a side of the group we’d [...]

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PHUTURE DOOM – PHUTURE DOOM LP: transcend, decay, or initiate.

“Sowed by the occult hand of the dead city, Phuture Doom arose devoid of all but the curse.” That is literally all we know about Phuture Doom. No one knows where they came from, no [...]

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