I currently have an Android – but I’m thinking about upgrading to an iPhone – what do you think?

iPhone or Android?  Why not look someone in the eyes, whisper in the ear?  I know you’re looking for an answer from the world’s sexiest rock star about which phone is going to make it easier for you to communicate but let me tell you what’s real.  You don’t want one of these phones so you can talk to people over the phone.  You want it for social networking!  Don’t talk to them Facebook to Facebook, Twitter to Twiiter.  Talk to to them face to face, tit to tit.  Pinterest?  What about interest?  “What about sexting?  That’s pretty hot!”  You know what I do when I want to send a naked picture to a lover?  I have one of my artist friends come over and sketch me pleasuring someone.  Then I have it framed and sent to that person special delivery.  Hit the “share” button?  No.  Hit the care button.  Then fuck them.